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Terms & Conditions


Studio Hire Terms & Conditions

Booking and payment

Studio time is sold on a first come first serve basis, session bookings will not be confirmed until the deposit has been paid and so can potentially be lost to other clients looking to hire studio time.

A booking is considered as confirmed after Dockside Studio receives cleared balance payment or min 50% deposit.

Clients must make a full balance payment (including any agreed security deposit) on the day of hire or within 2 days (48 hours) before booking start time, and failure to make final payment by the time of the scheduled session will result in termination of scheduled shoot without refund or notice.

Full balance payment is required to secure and confirm bookings, made at the latest on the day of booking before the start time.


refunds & Cancellations

Cancellations made 5 days before the scheduled session start time are eligible for a 100% refund. Cancellations within 5 days of the scheduled session start time are eligible for a 50% refund. Cancellations or no shows within the 24 hour period prior to their session will not receive any refund under any circumstances and are non-transferable.



Dockside Studio reserves the right to terminate any hire contract if the client (or any subordinate and third parties employed by them) are in breach of any of the Terms and Conditions.


Set Up and Take down time

Clients must include set up and take down/clean up time within the hours booked, The client, their team and any third party must arrive and leave within the session time bookedto avoid overtime charges. setting up and packing away is considered as part of your session time.

Entering and Leaving 

At the start of the booked session you will be met and the Studio opened, any hired equipment will then be checked and provided. Upon finishing the booked session you will again be met at the designated time and the studio checked. If you wish to end your booked session early then Dockside Studios must be informed of the new finish time so that you can be met and the studio checked.

At no point during the hire of the studio within a booked session must the studio be left unattended at any time. The client must always remain on site within the studio during the booked session.


Overtime will be charged at a 50% increase on the standard hire rate. Overtime outside of the studios regular operating hours (8am – 8pm) is charged at a 100% increase on the standard hire rate. Finishing times are recorded from when the last person leaves the studio and is charged without exception.


Clients are required to provide prior warning if bringing pets or animals into the studio


Clients must ensure that all minors under the age of 16 are always accompanied by a chaperone. Minors must have parent's or guardian’s permission to be at the premises, and/or to be photographed or filmed as relevant.

Breakages, Losses And Damages

Clients are responsible for any breakages, losses or damages caused to the premises or equipment by the client, or any other person(s) during booking time.

All equipment used is at the risk of the client and Dockside Studio shall not be liable to the client for any loss, damage, expense, or for any consequential loss (including loss of profit) arising out of or in connection with; any damage to or loss of property by the client or third party; any breakdown, stoppage or failure of the facilities/equipment provided by Dockside Studio.

Alterations or an addition to our premises or equipment is not permitted without prior written consent.

Clients must check any equipment provided and must notify Dockside Studio at the time of supply if equipment is damaged or if the condition of the equipment is not acceptable. The client is responsible for any breakages or damage if Dockside Studio was not notified at the time of supply.

Dockside Studio can not guarantee insurance to any equipment left in the facilities over night. Dockside Studio can not be held responsible for any breakages, losses, damages or theft.

The client shall pay any costs incurred by Dockside Studio arising out of any breach of these conditions.

Littering and Waste Disposal

Clients must not litter and drop waste on the inside or outside of our premises, and must put all litter in internal bins inside the studio. Additional bin bags will be provided and clients are responsible for ensuring all bulky waste too large for the bins provided is disposed off and that both the inside outside spaces are kept clean and litter free. Failure to do so will result in additional charges.


Stereo speakers are provided and Music can be played inside premises at a moderate and reasonable level (at Dockside Studios discretion). Noise levels outside of our premises must be kept to a reasonable level during bookings. Clients are asked to consider other occupants and neighbour residents when using our facilities.

Use of Equipment

If your booking comes with lighting, equipment, all equipment used must be returned promptly at the end of the hire period in the original condition, and the client is liable for repair or replacement cost for any missing or damaged equipment.

Clients may not without the written consent of Docksite Studio; remove the equipment from the studio premises; modify or alter or tamper with the equipment in any way; use the equipment in a manner not recommended by the manufacturer; nor allow the equipment to be used by any untrained or unauthorised personnel.

Any required equipment, prop or studio booking add-ons must be requested and added to booking in advance to ensure availability. We cannot guarantee the availability of any equipment or prop where it has not been specifically requested, confirmed and added to your booking 

Fire Safety

No fire or smoke is permitted on the premises. No smoking of cigarettes of vapes within the studio building under any circumstances.


Parking for one car is provided with a booked hire session. Any additional vehicles will need to find alternative parking arrangements. (details on additional parking can be provided upon request).

Applicable Law

The laws of the United Kingdom shall govern all agreements.